Sports and Physical education are a must for student Development

Sports and Physical education are a must for student Development

Sports and physical activity are significant aspects of childhood and student life. Games are activities played for amusement, whereas sports are a more formal set of physical activities that involve a high level of mental and physical exertion.

We perform sports in a predefined format with strict rules. Both are activities apart from the curriculum. They widen the imagination required for education. Therefore, sports and games are essential for not just students on a primary level but also for a higher level.

A student’s life is stressful because they go through many problems and challenges regularly, and they spend most of their time sitting in one place. Their screen time is also quite a lot.

Given the hectic lifestyle and study load, a lot of students face problems like obesity and depression. These factors make it even more important for students to play various kinds of sports and indulge in physical activities.

Dr. Sudhir Giri, the honorable Chancellor of Shri Venkateshwara University, lays special emphasis on the extracurricular activities of students.Along with the rigorous academic curriculum, he also gives equal importance to sports and physical activities. Shri Venkateshwara University offers courses in physical education and yoga on a diploma to doctorate level.

In order to accomplish Dr. Giri’s vision to take Shri Venkateshwara University to greater heights, we conduct many sports and physical activity events at the university from time to time. Recently, Shri Venkateshwara University organized a conference on “Khelo India-Jeeto India” under the “Wako India Kickboxing Federation” (Ministry of Sports, Government of India).The guest of honor was Mr. Santosh K. Agarwal, the president of the Wako India Kickboxing Federation.

Dr. Giri also plans on introducing special scholarships and quotas for students belonging to the financially weaker sections of society, who are exceptionally good at playing a particular sport, so that they can hone their talent and gain proper education side by side.

The university campus extends over a vast area of around 60 acres and has ample space for sports and extracurricular activities. For students, a fully equipped gymnasium is also present on campus.

Some major factors, why sports and physical activities are important in a student’s life are:

  • Games or sports help improve focus.
  • Physical activities, sports, yoga, etc. make students physically fit and mentally strong for facing various challenges in life.
  • These activities teach students team spirit and how to work towards a common goal. Students learn the art of working in harmony and acknowledge each teammate’s effort.
  • Playing sports like cricket, football, or other physical activities teaches problem-solving skills to students which they use in every walk of life.
  • Extracurricular activities are a must for students as they help maintain a good work-life balance. They act as energy boosters and improve the brain function of students.
  • Nowadays, physical education, yoga, and sports have become very good career options for many people. With various initiatives taken by the government, the sports industry has advanced a lot and is an ever-growing industry.
  • Even on a primary level, games and sports play a vital role, children learn skills like counting, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc. faster.
  • Students also learn sportsmanship and how to tackle challenges without quitting. They understand the relevance of appreciating a true sportsman.
  • When students enroll for higher education, they neglect their mental as well as physical health, as they focus only on their studies, due to the pressure of submission of assignments. Taking part in physical activities or playing a sport can relieve them of stress and keep them in a cheerful mood.
  • Sports require a lot of concentration and focus. They give a good amount of exercise to the brain as well. That helps improve the reasoning and analytical skills of a student.
  • Some of the most important government sports schemes are:

  • Khelo India Movement
  • National Sports Talent Contest Scheme (NSTC).
  • Fit India Movement
  • Special Area Game Scheme (SAG)
  • Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS)
  • The state of Uttar Pradesh will be hosting the Khelo India University Games in 2023. Around 6000 athletes are expected to be a part of this event that will be held in Lucknow.

    In conclusion, it is important to understand that studies shape a student’s future, but without good mental and physical health, students cannot use their full potential. Therefore, sports and physical activities need to be mandatory for students at primary and also higher levels.

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