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Who is Dr Sudhir Giri?

“There are very few people on this planet who live for the society but they always do their sincere, hard work and continuous efforts in the contribution of building the community and service to the nation.”
A renowned name in the Education fraternity is the founder President of Venkateshwara Group, India’s leading Education Group comprising 11 Universities in India and Abroad, 20 Institutions, 2 Medical Colleges, Higher Education Institutions, and Schools.

Under the Education Group, more than 2000 Regular/Visiting Faculties & 50000+ students from all parts of India are getting the education at the most affordable cost. His educational Credentials are A.M.I.A.E., MBA, Ph.D. He grew up in a very modest middle-class family in Meerut. His father was a farmer and wanted him to be an Engineer like any middle-class family to earn a livelihood. Dr Giri, a visionary man dreamed to uplift the education system in Northern India to new heights as there was inadequate quality education facility for middle class & lower income group people.

Keeping his long-term vision at the back of his mind, he had started his career as an Executive in a limited company, and very soon he made a step forward to convert his dream into reality. He became the youngest Chancellor of Indraprastha Technological University at an age of 30. His mission was to make UP as a state of “AFFORDABLE EDUCATION FOR ALL”.

To achieve his passion for providing affordable education for all, Dr Giri decided to enter the field of Computer Education and Business Management courses at the end of the 20th Century. Immediately after that, he decided to enter the field of Teachers Training (B.Ed.), to fulfill the deficiency of teachers for the improvement of the standard of education in the U.P. & other states. Thereafter he started expanding by opening new Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) one after another.

Towards his contribution to Education, he has been honored with the “R N Tagore Award” & "U. P. Ratna Award". His work was globally recognized by the World Education and Skill Conclave in 2017 where he was honored with the “Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Best University of North India” awards and many more.

Dr Giri is an accomplished Academician, Philanthropist, and Founder of Venkateshwara Group. A sensitive human, who felt the problems faced by the underprivileged and decided to go out of the way to assist by Medical or Education scholarship schemes for students of the weaker economic section, granting aid to charitable trusts, adopting 5 villages under the Unnat Bharat Scheme, appreciating contributions of Teachers, Farmers on the social platforms, render another kind of aids to students including supply of books, stipends, medals and other incentives to study without any social distinction. He works with determination, dedication, discipline, and devotion to make the dream of “VASUDHEVA KUTUMBHKAM” come true. Adding to feather, he diversified to the field for social causes and established medical colleges in remote areas to serve poor people.

His deep thought has given birth to VIMS. Despite all constraints, the visionary man Dr Giri started Medical College and Hospital in 2016-17. The uniqueness of services is, outreaching patients at their doorstep with specialized doctors and medical teams, free of cost medicines, health camps in villages, and various types of medical tests at economical rates. At present, VIMS is serving medical facilities to 100+ villages at minimal cost fulfilling social responsibility and serving society.

Being a deep thinker and continuous learner, Dr Sudhir Giri foresees the future and always thinks and implements ways of improving the learning environment based on a personal engagement with all students and staff with high-quality research-engaged teaching and learning where students create and develop new knowledge in collaboration with their lecturers. He is keen on promoting skill-based education where better employment opportunities are created for students and creating innovation across the communities - locally, regionally, and internationally.

An avid individual having expertise in establishing and successfully running Universities, Educational Institutes, Medical Colleges, and International tie-ups. Determined, dedicated, disciplined professional and a philanthropist, who has gone out of the way to serve humanity for social causes.

Presently the group consists of 20 prestigious higher educational institutions including two State Private universities in India and Abroad, two Medical Colleges, and various schools. The Group is having more than 2000 regular and visiting faculty members, and 50,000+ students from all parts of India. The number of students has been increasing day by day with a vision to increase the literacy rate throughout India. The affordable education and health care for all” initiative were launched by Dr Sudhir Giri to provide access to quality education and health care in India. It has impacted the lives of more than 5,00,000 underprivileged children and adults during the last decade.

Inequalities in access to education & healthcare, income, gender justice, wealth, social inclusiveness, etc. have been reflected in the development of rural India. These tormenting factors have been inciting a different line of thought in the mind of Dr. Sudhir Giri, who began his journey with the motto of “AFFORDABLE EDUCATION & HEALTH CARE FOR ALL”.

Dr Sudhir Giri is an engineer with an MBA & PhD. His parents lived a simple rural life but dreamed of making their son an engineer because technical education is crucial for survival

Dr Sudhir Giri felt the hardships faced by underprivileged students in gaining professional education because of lack of scholarship & aid.

This prompted him to establish educational institutions that foster affordable education because professional education is crucial for a respectful life.

To make U.P. foremost in teacher education, he started well equipped B.Ed. colleges because a well-trained teacher nurtures skilled pupils.

Dr Sudhir Giri aims to create a knowledge ecosystem that will be an asset because he dreams of making India the knowledge powerhouse of the world. This calls for making STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) education affordable because skilled education is vital for survival.

Deprived sections of the society should get an equal opportunity of education because they are passionate about lifting their standard of living. This aim has prompted Dr Sudhir Giri to set up education institutions that value talent & not wealth because it is vital for the country.

His aim of turning India into a knowledge hub pushes him to endure 20 hours a day because he believes everyone has only one life to prove themselves.

He not only established renowned institutions in India but also abroad because we enrich knowledge through international research collaborations. The International Research Collaboration Cell (IRCC) assists scholars in forging alliances with foreign universities because collaborative research helps all stakeholders.

  • Excellence Health Care Award 2022
  • India’s Real hero Award2021
  • Asia Pacific Excellence Award 2021
  • Mahamahim Rajyapal Award 2021
  • Global Peace & Value Education Excellence Award 2021
  • International glory Man of the Year Award 2021
  • 10th NEA National Education Award
  • Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Shikshak Award 2020
  • Medical Excellence Award 2021
  • Real hero in education industry
  • Seva Samaj Award
  • Best University for Industry Interface 2018
  • Centre for Education Growth and Research “Edupreneur of the Year       2018”
  • 11th International Seminar in 2017 BY INDIAN HABITAT CENTRE
  • School of Educators 2012 for an Outstanding University
  • Guru Ravindra Nath Tagore Award in 2003 Avantika Samman