Education A Girl Child Means Educating A Nation

Educating A Girl Child Means Educating A Nation

Hailing from a rural background, I have closely seen the difficulties and hurdles that people have to face in rural areas. One of the most disturbing factors is a lack of awareness of girl education. We established Shri Venkateshwara University in the heart of Gajraula, a rural area of Uttar Pradesh.

The vision behind this was to impart education to all the classes and to spread awareness towards educating the girl child. I firmly believe that a girl’s education shouldn’t be considered a burden. She is a child who deserves a strong and educated future. Nowadays, girls all over the world are facing gender discrimination–just for being born as a daughter.

A girl’s education is valued less, and in certain cases, they force her into early marriage, faces violence, or become a victim of human trafficking. Her childhood span is reduced forcefully. Especially in the rural areas of India, feticide, child marriage, early marriage, etc. are very common practices. Due to lack of education and poverty, the girl child suffers even more.

Many factors lead to female feticide, but a major reason is the prospect of having to pay a dowry to the future groom of a daughter. People in the rural homesteads feel that spending money on a girl’s education is also a waste because she will ultimately get married one day.

Sir observed and keenly studies the demographics of the area. There were no good educational institutions around the area, and most of the good colleges or institutes were at a distance from the habitats of the locals.

While, they believe sons offer security in old age and can perform the last rites for the parents, while daughters are perceived as a social and economic burden. People have misused technologies like prenatal sex detection, allowing selective abortions of unborn females.

“Education for Girls” has been an important issue and various policymakers across the globe are forming rules and laws to promote it and also to stop female feticide, especially in developing countries.

Gender inequalities in educational outcomes still exist. Almost 69% of the population of India lives in or around rural areas, meaning reformers and educationalists need to work even harder and form strong policies that would help women and girls.

A girl’s education can change everything, as it is said that “educating a woman means educating an entire generation”. An educated girl has more chances to grow up into a healthy and empowered individual who can determine their course of life and future.

An educated and well-read girl can decide when she’s ready for marriage and children. She is aware of the biological, psychological, and economical aspects involved in marriage and childbirth.

Despite many hurdles and hardships, we have realized that educating girls is crucial.

Women of today’s times are way ahead compared to men in almost every sphere of life. I believe and give special emphasis on educating women and have made many reforms in the educational institutes set up by the VGI group to support girl education. There are many examples of women leading the economic and social sectors with successful results. Girls are bringing a silent revolution in society and also globally.

Girl-child education has played a pivotal role in the development of our country. Women are serving the country in various fields, ranging from technology, arts, media, sports, science, social services, literature, and all kinds of political affairs.

I strongly feel that the mind-set of seeing girls only as a housewife needs to change as now girls are way ahead in every field, and are showing positive results with the help of education. So much so that women have even challenged the narrow approach of society and made a place in the Indian Armed forces as well, defending our country against the enemies.

Venkateshwara College of Education (VCE) was set up as an initiative to provide excellent training and education to teachers and to improve the standards of higher education in India. Thousands of women enrol in the B. Ed program at VCE every year and take a step towards a better future.

Even during the economic crisis, education has proven to be highly beneficial for the female population. Because of quality education, women have become independent and are also contributing to the overall income of the house. They can fend for themselves and not depend on others, even if they remain unmarried or have to live without their husbands.

Education is a tool that empowers women to have a better viewpoint towards life, making them aware of their rights and responsibilities. An educated woman can stand up for her rights and also fight against problems like gender inequality.

Education also gives a woman the freedom and ability and confidence to express her feelings in the right manner. Every girl needs to be aware, should pursue knowledge, and learn. The education of these girls would have a positive impact on both the economy and society.

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